Sunday, October 25, 2020

FAR: Lone Sails is a gorgeous atmospheric adventure game, now available on Android

 If you've never heard of it, FAR: Lone Sails is a stylish adventure game that's existed on PC since 2018, and it's a well-reviewed title that offers a story-rich experience without displaying a word on the screen. Primarily I would describe the release as a relaxing game that offers gameplay similar to indies like Inside, where the goal is to always move to the right to advance the story, and there's a unique Howl's Moving Castle mechanic in this release that will see you control a massive vehicle as it sails across a dried-out seabed. Of course, roadblocks are expected as you explore this desert, and so you'll solve puzzles to continue your journey forward.

The trailer above offers a solid look at FAR: Lone Sails, though it doesn't really show off the game's controls, which are completely touch-based in the Android port. Wired and bluetooth controllers don't work, so touch controls are the only option, and they take some getting used to. You see, you have to manually control your giant vehicle, and in order to do this, you'll pinch to zoom on the screen so that you can control your character with a left, right, and jump button, all so you can push a few of the vehicle's red buttons to keep things running smoothly. While a little trial and error clears up which buttons you need to press in order to move the vehicle forward, hitting these buttons isn't always as easy as I'd like.

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